LT Range Multi Function Electronic Balances

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*  Counting, animal weighing and percentage weighing

*  LCD or VFD display

*  Automatic calibration with exterior calibration CAL key

*  Overload / Underload alarm display

*  Tare up to maximum capacity

*  10 x weighing units - g, oz, dwt, CN, lb, ct,

*  RS232 Option

*  Under weighing for density determination or magnetic objects


Model        Capacity                 Pan Size      Weight       Dimensions

JD100-3     100g x 0.001g          90mm           6.7kg          310 x 195 x 250mm

JD200-3     200g x 0.001g     

JD300-3     300g x 0.001g

JD400-3     410g x 0.001g  

JD500-2     500g x 0.01g            150mm         5kg             310 x 195 x 85mm 

JD1000-2   1000g x 0.01g  

JD1500-2   1500g x 0.01g  

JD2000-2   2000g x 0.01g

JD3000-2   3000g x 0.01g

JD4000-2   4100g x 0.01g

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